High-loaded systems developer contest

The HighLoad Cup 2018 competition is open to all users in a test mode.

Championship schedule:

  • Beta (results don't count) — from December 13, 19:00 to December 26, 19:00
  • Qualifying round — from December 26, 19:00 to January 31, 19:00
  • Final round — until February 5

During beta testing, the terms and conditions of the problem may change (if there are bugs and for other reasons).

Qualifying round — the rules do not change.

The final round takes place fully automatically, but the finalists (N users who have passed the qualifying round and not less than 50 people) choose a solution that will be tested by shelling system at several waves. The result is formed by the best result for all the waves.

The latest documentation can be found in our repository on GitHub and also you can leave your wishes there in the issues section.

You can discuss the championship in our Discord or Facebook.


What to do?

  • Create a standalone responsive server application
  • Build it in a docker-container and pour it into the storage.
  • Shell the application on the issued combat data
  • Become the coolest developer of loaded systems and get a prize

What prizes can I get?

  • Apple MacBook Air for first place
  • Apple iPad for second and third places
  • Samsung Gear S3 for places from 4 to 6 inclusive

By tradition, all participants in the final round will receive T-shirts with the symbols of the championship.

Good luck!