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Highload Cup #2 has started!

Published: 12/20/2018 14:02:45

We are glad to announce that the Highload Cup #2 competition has started!

This time we decided to use this legend: in an alternate reality, humanity decided to create and launch a global "other half" search system. Such a system is designed to reduce the number of single people in the world and contribute to the creation of strong families.

Participants of the competition are invited to act as an engineer who was asked to create a prototype of such a system. 

Details can be found in our article on and on the competition page.

The championship is divided into three stages:

  • Beta testing (from December 13, 19:00 to December 21, 19:00) — the terms and conditions of the problem may change (if there are bugs and for other reasons).
  • Qualifying round (from December 21, 19:00 to January 31, 19:00) — the rules don't change, participants compete for the right to get to the final.
  • The final round (before February 5) — is fully automatic, but before it the finalists (N users who passed the qualifying round and no less than 50 people) choose a solution that will be shot at several waves. The result is formed by the best result for all the waves.

Of course, competitors who showed the best results will be able to receive valuable prizes:

  • First place — a brand new MacBook Air.
  • Second and third place — Apple iPad.
  • Fourth, fifth and sixth places — Samsung Gear S3.

The participant has the right to ask for another gift of equivalent value. In addition, according to the tradition of our championships, all participants who qualify for the final will receive branded T-shirts of our championship.

Also join our chat in Telegram (@highloadcup), the discussion is already underway :)

Good luck in the contest!

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this is great !

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