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Updates from 20.12.18

Published: 12/20/2018 22:09:55

We are grateful to everyone who takes part in the beta testing of our championship. Thanks to you, we were able to improve it and fix a number of errors!

List of changes from 12/20/18:

  • Changed dt to ts in the docs
  • Now options.txt is published near to При генерации options.txt теперь публикуются рядом с, а не внутри
  • Added phantom exhaust to the data after the test shelling
  • Character limit in the response body validator increased from 200 to 1000 characters
  • Responses of /filter/ no longer contain likes, and /recommend/ no longer contain interests. This is done in order to reduce the size of the response. Sorting these fields makes no sense.
  • Fixed bug with error generation in update (code 400 with not unique email, and at the same time email was missing in the database due to another update)
  • Fixed display of zeros in the statistics of responses on the website
  • The tip "8. If an unknown value appears in the sample (a country that is not in the database or something else), the response code 404 with an empty response body is expected" was removed from the materials.
  • If there is no common interest, users are considered completely incompatible with compatibility = 0

Due to found bugs and problems, we decided to prolong the beta until Wednesday December, 26. During this time we will try to solve all the issues so that participation in our championship will be as comfortable for you as possible.

Found a bug? Feel free to create an issue in our repository on GitHub.

For those who have not done this yet — we invite you to join our chat in Discord.

Good luck!

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