Sandbox 2017

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This task is the first round of the trial Highload Cup-Championship 2017.

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If you consider that some quistions are not covered in the documentation to the task, we will be glad to pull-request (see GitHub link below). If you have any suggestions for improving our site - we will be also happy to get a new issue ;)

Let's start!

Develop a fast server that will provide Web-API to a service for travellers.

There are three kinds of entities in the initial data for the server: User (Traveler), Location (Attraction), Visit (Attendance). And each has its own set of fields. You can download a test example below (ammo - examples of requests, answers - answers to this requests, data - initial data), and there is a detailed description in the instruction.

The following requests should be implement:

  1. GET /<entity>/<id> to get entity data
  2. GET /users/<id>/visits visits to get a list of visits by user (traveler)
  3. GET /locations/<id>/avg avg to obtain an average estimate of attractions
  4. POST /<entity>/<id> to update
  5. POST /<entity>/new  to create

The maximum penalty time for a request is equal to the timeout of the tank and is 2 seconds (2kk microseconds).

At the moment, the most detailed and up-to-date technical task is on GitHub, there are also test data there.


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